Lobby for Tibet this May 2nd and 3rd!

From Tibet Lobby Day in 2011 - Jigdel Kuyee, Tenzin Wangkhang and Jigme Duntak with MP David Sweet, who co-sponsored the resolution to award His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama with an Honorary Canadian Citizenship.

Lobby for Tibet this May 2nd and 3rd!

Next Month, during the 2nd and 3rd of May, Tibetans and Tibet supporters will be on Parliament Hill lobbying our representatives to take action for Tibet! We will be following a very important ‘World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet’ in Ottawa, and therefore this is a key meeting to urge concrete action from our Parliamentarians for Tibet. If you would like to join in on the lobby, please email canada@studentsforafreetibet.org or call 647 637 1810.

The lobbying workshop to prepare for this event will take place in Toronto on April 30, Monday at 4:00 pm and headed by Harvey Cooper, a professional lobbyist, and Tenzin CK, from Rob Anders’ office. All participants are suggested to attend this important rehearsal prior to the meetings.


One response to “Lobby for Tibet this May 2nd and 3rd!

  1. All the best on lobbying day.Keep up with your good work.

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