Canada: Act Now to Save Tibetan Lives

Dear Friends,

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did the right thing by standing up for Tibet. Please help pressure Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird to do the same.

A Message from
SFT’s Tendor about the Enough! Campaign

tendor screen grab

Watch the Video

Clinton’s strong public statement on November 10th calling on China to review its hardline policies in Tibet sent a clear message to Tibetans that their cries for help are being heard.

Since the launch of the Enough! Campaign for Global Intervention to Save Tibetan Lives, Tibetans and supporters worldwide have been working to secure this kind of high-level political support for Tibet. Now, we need to redouble our efforts.

Watch a short video message from Tendor, SFT’s Executive Director.

Then help take this campaign to the next level of political influence. Please send to letter to Foreign Minister Baird urging him to stand up for Tibet.

tawu candlelight vigilOn Monday, SFT released rare footage smuggled from Tibet to the international media. The extraordinary video shows Palden Choetso’s self-immolation and the overwhelming reaction by the Tibetan community in response to her ultimate act of nonviolent protest; over 10,000 Tibetans attended a candlelight vigil on the morning of her funeral. View the footage (Warning: video contains graphic and disturbing images).

Tibetans in Tibet need a reason to hope. They need to know their desperate cries for help are being heard around the world and that our leaders are taking action to hold the Chinese government accountable.

Please take 5 simple actions:

  1. Write to Foreign Minister Baird, urging him to sign the pledge to Stand up for Tibet.
  2. Follow-up on your letter by contacting your Member of Parliament’s office to request a face-to-face meeting (click here for a sample letter to your MP)
  3. Help us reach 50,000 pledges at, especially from prominent individual and celebrities. 
  4. Sign and share the Avaaz Petition to Save Tibetan Lives. The goal is to deliver 1,000,000 signatures to world leaders by December 10, International Human Rights Day.
  5. Make a donation to help sustain and intensify the Enough! Campaign.

Thank you for taking part in this campaign; you are helping to change the course of history for Tibet.

In solidarity and action,

Tenzin Lobsang, Tendor, Kate, TenDolkar, Stef, Evie and the rest of the SFT crew

P.S. Help us sustain and intensify the Enough! Campaign for Global Intervention to Save Tibetan Lives by making a donation:

Recent press coverage:
Self-immolation in China (Channel 4):

Video released by Tibetan rights group allegedly shows Buddhist nun burning herself in protest (Washington Post):

Video purports to show Tibetan nun self-immolating (AFP):

Tibet group video allegedly shows nun burning (Taiwan News):

SFT’s press release on the footage smuggled from Tibet:

Secretary of State Clinton’s public remarks at the APEC Summit:


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