And how did it play out?

Report from SFT Calgary

The events collaborated on by SFT Calgary and the Tibetan Association of Alberta for yesterday’s Global Day of Action were a “success”. All of our objectives and goals we had in mind were met: gather the Tibetan/Tibet supporting community, protest and rally so that people in Calgary hear our voices, and get signatures on our petitions!

But the struggle isn’t over. One achievement is just a stepping stone to the actual place of success. Wow, that totally sounds like it could be a spiritual quote or something. I feel very empowered today. Here are some pictures from our demonstrations down below. Thanks again to everyone who came out and to those who volunteered at our table and those who signed our petitions-which will be on their way to Ottawa pretty soon. Also, shoutout to SFT Canada who successfully lobbied in Ottawa yesterday and to SFT HQ who I’ve heard through the grapevine did a fantastic job unfurling a banner in France yesterday, the eve of the G20 Summit. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys, hoping for your safe return back to North America!

-Tsering Asha Leba, Co-Chair SFTCalgary

ps. Keep up-to-date with all of SFT Calgary’s activities on their blog:


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