“I Will Stand Up for Tibet”

Pledge Campaign to support “Enough!”. Please start approaching high profile supporters.

Below is the text of an online pledge, drafted by groups including the International Tibet Network and SFT.

Please send this statement to prominent supporters of Tibet such as elected representatives and celebrities and urge them to sign it.

“I Will Stand Up for Tibet

Seven young Tibetans have set fire to themselves in eastern Tibet since March 2011; five since 26 September. Four have died. These unprecedented and truly desperate acts are a cry to the outside world for help.

Six of these self-immolations are linked to Kirti Monastery in Ngaba, one of the largest and most influential monastic institutions in Tibet. China’s merciless and violent crackdown in Ngaba and throughout Tibet is intensifying Tibetan grievances and exacerbating the resentment and desperation felt across Tibet

This growing tragedy, if left unchecked, could spiral even further into a nation-wide crisis, unless the world acts now.

The international community, both citizens and governments, must Stand Up for Tibet. Global diplomatic intervention now will save Tibetan lives.

We demand a coordinated international response by world leaders to condemn China’s repressive measures in Ngaba and across Tibet, and to institute multi-lateral mechanisms to advocate for the Tibetan people. Most immediately, we call on China to withdraw its security forces from Ngaba and across Tibet now, and stop the ongoing harassment and torture of monks.

By signing this statement, I support global diplomatic intervention for Tibet and I pledge to stand up for Tibetans who have the right to live in peace and freedom like every other human being.

Let our roar of support echo across Tibet and finally be heard by Chinese leaders in Beijing.”


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