Reminder: Tell the World Gold Council Tibet’s Gold is Conflict Gold

Tomorrow, September 1st, is the deadline to submit feedback to the World Gold Council (WGC) on its plans to remove “conflict gold” from the market. The WGC is the leading authority in the gold industry, and its decision presents an opportunity for us to help stop China’s exploitation of Tibet’s resources.

The WGC has asked for feedback from the public on what standards it should use to certify newly-mined gold as “conflict-free.” Let’s ensure all gold from Tibet is classified as conflict gold by writing to them today, before the deadline!

TAKE ACTION: Write to the World Gold Council at conflictfreestandards@gold.orgHelpful talking points are below.

Helpful points to raise with the World Gold Council (WGC): Please keep your message respectful as we hope to work with the WGC to get Tibetan gold off the market.

  • Ask the WGC to categorize Tibet’s gold as “conflict gold”;
  • Mineral extraction has increased tensions between Tibetan residents and Chinese miners, resulting in an escalation of human right abuses against Tibetans. Read more:

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