The Intern Series…

Woo. It feels like a long time since I posted anything on here. Life at SFTCanada has been really fun. Wednesday, I finished up a newsletter I’d been working on since I started the internship. It’s called Tibetan Citizen and it’s a pilot project we’re thinking of doing on a monthly basis. Yes, it took me a month. Did you know you difficult it is to use Adobe InDesign? I had to watch at least 2 hours worth of Adobe TV just to learn how to get an image onto the page.

Needless to say, I switched to Microsoft Publisher. Got the job done. Whew. Now I can breathe easy and relax? Not really. Tomorrow is round two of Canvassing. We’ve even gone ahead and made a little schedule and incentives for volunteers…I truly hope people can make it out this summer. This Toronto heat is almost unbearable. Someone should have warned me…Being from Calgary, I didn’t even know anywhere in Canada was capable of being this hot.

I have three coats in my closet that I didn’t even bother to unpack. I’m laughing at myself for bringing them. But every girl needs a leather jacket.. Ok off topic.

Last time Ugen and I canvassed with Chosang and Ngawang, we did a pretty good job for only 3-ish hours. We’re hoping to match and beat what we made last time. Also, Ugen got a Rangzen Circle sign up. So my goal is to get two! 

The challenge is on…I will keep you updated with the scores.


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