Toronto & Global Day of Action

SFT Canada was at it again today, participating in the Global Day of Action for Kardze, Tibet. Our small, but dedicated group protested outside of the Chinese Consulate from noon until two in the afternoon. I’d never organized a protest before, as the main contact person at least, so I was very nervous. However, things turned out better than I expected.

The smaller the group, the more passionate I felt today. I knew it would be even more challenging but vital to get our voice heard with only a small number of protesters. We had great visuals, I wore a Chuba (borrowed from Tsering Dolma, and it was beautiful!) as did some amala’s, and we were decked out in Tibetan flags and creative posters.

I think we did a great job. I think the best part about today was that not only did we show our solidarity with the protesters and Tibetans in Kardze, and SFT Chapters around the world, but that we felt enough determination in our own selves to come out, in the middle of the day, and do this action.

I’m stoked to see all of the photos, videos and status updates about the SFT actions that occurred today. I already did get to sneak peek a few things, but it is 1 am now, and my eyelids are drooping as I write this..

Check back tomorrow! SFT Canada/Toronto should have our photos up. I can’t wait to see them all and I can’t wait to share them as well.

Oh P.S. today was also Lhakar Wednesday. Besides the protest and the Chuba, I spent today in the company of new Tibetan friends. I learnt about how the “family surnames” work, something I didn’t know before. This weekend, I’m going to call my Pola and Mola to find out what ours is. 🙂

Check out some other blogs about what people did for Lhakar Wednesday at Lhakar Diaries.


One response to “Toronto & Global Day of Action

  1. Danara Dourdoussova

    so where are the photos?

    i don’t take photos of myself these days but the ones from the Kardze Global Day of Action are worth holding on to.

    Please post 🙂

    Danara, Kalmyk supporter of STF

    P.S. I will continue canvassing with you guys next week, once i am back from the US

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