The Fantastic Four (of Canvassing)

So last Saturday, June 26th, myself, Urgyen, Chosang and new volunteer Ngawang went canvassing for SFT! It was my first time doing this and while I was on the streetcar going to Parkdale, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to connect with people and raise any money. However that was not the case! For the few hours we were there, we raised almost 100.00 an hour!

It was a beautiful Toronto day, and many people were out and about, shopping, walking their dogs and generally just enjoying the weather. The four of us set up in front of Tibet Emporium, and with our pamphlets and clip boards ready, we managed to not only raise money for SFT, but to those who could not contribute, we gained awareness and support by handing out our information. Urgyen even recruited a new teen volunteer!

I actually found canvassing really fun. It was an easy-going group that I was with, and I realized once you made eye contact and connected with the person you were speaking with, not only did they support us anyway that they could, but you got a good conversation out of it.

We walk down the street every day and pass by people, afraid to make eye contact. But what we don’t realize is that each person we pass by is someone with a life and family and feelings,  just like us. We don’t know them by name, and that creates this weird distance that prevents us from even saying “hello”. Canvassing gave me a chance to get a sneak peek into those people’s lives and I noticed that no matter how different each supporter was, when they gave me the chance to talk about SFT, they found it in themselves, poor or rich, to give something back. So there was really nothing to be afraid of!

All in all, great weekend and great experience! I look forward to doing it again.


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