Summer Intern for 2011!

Hey everyone! My name is Tsering Asha Leba, and I am the summer Intern for 2011! I am 20 years old  and a 3rd year Political Science major at the University of Calgary. My background is part Tibetan part East Indian and I consider that one of my greatest strengths in my involvement with advocating and awareness on behalf of Tibet.

March 10th 2011 Rock Painting UofC

In 2009, my first year of university, I began attending events here and there for SFT Calgary. In May 2010, I was accepted as a summer intern in the Parliamentary Friends of Tibet program in Ottawa. Working in the office of MP Wayne Marston, I had the opportunity to live with four amazing girls, who were also Tibetan interns and had the chance to meet many other Tibetans. It is in large part because of that experience that I became more active in SFT and immersed in my Tibetan culture.

Shortly after, I became a consistent SFT Calgary member and in November 2011, we successfully hosted the SFT National Conference in Calgary. I had volunteered and helped with preparations for the Conference, and it was very hectic but definitely worth it. The executives of the club thought I had done a great job and so I was elected as Co-Chair in December 2011.  Since then,  SFT Calgary and myself, have reached great heights with new ideas to spark the interest of students on campus, and in surpassing our goals of media attention.

I applied for the summer internship for three main reasons, to learn and develop skills as an SFT member. To then utilize these tools to keep SFT Calgary’s momentum going. Finally, to continue my personal growth in my Tibetan culture by living and working in Toronto, a city with one of the largest Tibetan communities outside of India.

It’s going to be an excellent summer and I look forward to this internship. Thanks SFT!


2 responses to “Summer Intern for 2011!

  1. Congrats! All the best up there in Canada 🙂

  2. Welcome to SFT Canada HQ. We are really happy to have you as our summer intern!

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