China sends Tibet Puppet Delegation to Canada

We knew we had done something right when we heard last week that China had sent their own Tibet puppet delegation to North America, to counter our Tibet Lobby Day from earlier last month.

Jampa Phuntsok, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region, essentially China’s head Tibetan marionette, along with his delegation toured Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver last week. The visit was kept hush-hush, with the Chinese consulates representatives not answering our questions when we phoned them to ask for details of their visit.

What we did find out was that in Ottawa, the delegation met with Speaker of the House Peter Milliken, as well as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Morris Rosenberg. Xinhua, China’s state-run news, reported that in Ottawa, Jampa Phuntsok and the delegation “called on all Canadians to get a clear understanding of the clique led by the Dalai Lama. He said the Dalai Lama is not a pure religious believer, but a political leader in exile plotting to split China, and urged Canadians to condemn his activities”:

We contacted the individual offices of Speaker Milliken and Deputy Minister Morris Rosenberg last week, but have yet to hear a response.

In Calgary, they held a symposium at Calgary’s Chinese Cultural Centre, highlighting “the achievements and goals of Tibetan Automous Region’s development”, with about 50 Chinese-Canadians in attendance:

As disgusted as we are at the Chinese government’s attempts at a propaganda tour in Canada, and no less in the Canadian Parliament, we also feel like we’ve hit a nerve with China. If a relatively small group of young Tibetans and Tibet supporters can impact the Chinese government that much, it just shows how nervous they are and how weak their system really is. All of this also means that we made China’s occupation of Tibet that much costlier, another benchmark in our work to free Tibet!


2 responses to “China sends Tibet Puppet Delegation to Canada

  1. Konchok Rangdrol

    Dear SFT Friends,

    In order to protest the recent attacks on Kirti monastery and the forced starvation of 2,500 monks, continued brutality and atrocities against the monastic community and Tibetan citizens, I have decided to help generate more awareness in the Montreal community by holding a 40-day hunger strike at some local Chinese government office in Montreal. Though I hear that the the Chinese consulate offices in downtown Montreal may not yet be completed, I want to welcome SFT supporters and friends to read my latest blog and share it with friends. I hope to find a place to spend the next month and hope that SFT members will come and participate and speak to individuals. Id esp. like signs and if SFT wants to set up a table with literature at some point, even for a day or so or a few hours a day, that would be great. Though my blog photo shows me wearing a cowboy hat, I resumed my monastic vows in 2010 and have not replaced my photo. I plan on spending 40 days at a site from 9 – 5, five days a week, if not seven, but will have to wait and see due to health issues.

    Please read my blog at:

    Kind thanks to all. In addition, if anyone knows how to send out a press release to all CDN newspapers and media, please reach me at, or

    Tashi Delek

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