Please take action in support of Tibetans in Amdo Ngaba

Tibetans killed by Chinese forces in Ngaba town on March 16, 2008

We are gravely concerned by the news this morning that Tibetan sources have reported that earlier today Phuntsok, a 21-year old Tibetan monk from Kirti Monastery, self-immolated following a solo protest in Ngaba town (Ch: Aba), eastern Tibet (Ch: Sichuan Province). Eye-witnesses reported that Chinese authorities rushed to the scene and beat Phuntsok, sparking a protest by an estimated 1,000 monks and lay people that was violently suppressed by the authorities. An unknown number of Tibetans have been arrested and the situation in Ngaba remains tense. Chinese troops have surrounded the monastery and have flooded the town. Today marks three years since troops opened fire on demonstrators peacefully protesting against Chinese rule in Ngaba, killing at least 10 people.

This evening, a reported 2,000 monks and lay people held a prayer vigil and surrounded Kirti Monastery to stop Chinese authorities from confiscating Phuntsok’s body. A young monk named Tabe, also from Kirti Monastery, lit himself on fire in 2009 to protest China’s crackdown in the area. He remains in Chinese detention. Read more:

Please take action in support of Tibetans in Amdo Ngaba:

1) Alert the Canadian authorities in China of this incident.

Call the Canadian Embassy in Beijing: +86(10) 5139-4000

Call the Canadian Consulate in Chongquing: +(86-23) 6373-8007

When you call, introduce yourself and where you are from and express how urgent the situation is in Ngaba, in eastern Tibet (Ch: Aba, Sichuan Province). Please make sure to mention if you are Tibetan.

Direct them to reports of the this morning’s incident and urge them to investigate the incident and call on Chinese authorities to respect the rights of Tibetans to peaceful protest.

2) Call the Chinese Embassy and Consulates

Call Chinese Embassy in Ottawa: 613-789-3434

Call the Chinese Consulate in Toronto: 416-964-7260

Call the Chinese Consulate in Calgary: 403-264-3315

Call the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver: 604-734-7492

When you call, explain that you are Tibetan or a Tibet supporter and explain how you are aware of the situation in Ngaba town (Ch: Aba, Sichuan Province).

Your calls will help make sure the Chinese government knows people worldwide are watching the situation closely and will hopefully help to protect Tibetans on the ground.

3) Call the Chinese authorities in Sichuan:

Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture People’s Committee on Government: (86) 83-72822976

Sichuan Public Security Bureau: (86) 28-86301176

4) Contact the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hon. Mininster Lawrence Cannon:

5) Organize a solidarity protest this Friday March 18th

If you organize a solidarity event in Canada, please send details to:

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