Case of Jailed Tibetan Environmentalist Philanthropist Karma Samdrup Raised in Parliament

Our lobby efforts in Ottawa a week and a half ago are already bearing fruit! Last week, on March 9th, Member of Parliament Gerard Kennedy, with whom we met during Tibet Lobby Day, raised the case of jailed Tibetan Environmentalist Philanthropist Karma Samdrup in the House of Commons. You can see the text here and below:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to request that all members here take note of the plight of Tibetan environmental philanthropist Karma Samdrup.

Mr. Samdrup is imprisoned by the Chinese government in Tibet on what Human Rights Watch says are dated and “trumped up charges”. Mr. Samdrup defended his brothers and was jailed when they challenged local officials in an environmental dispute. There are credible reports that Mr. Samdrup has been tortured during his imprisonment.

In 2006, Mr. Samdrup was CCTV’s philanthropist of the year in China and today he is one of several cases of human rights abuse that concern Tibetan Canadians who tomorrow are marking the 52nd anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day when they lost their independence.

Members of Mr. Samdrup’s family, who live in Toronto, are among the many people looking to us. It is vital that we as parliamentarians are vigilant and remain consistent in our support of human rights no matter where they are threatened. We call on China to treat Mr. Samdrup with all the respect his human rights deserve.

We expect to see a lot more done for Tibet in the Canadian Parliament in the coming weeks and months as a direct result of our lobby efforts and will continue to keep you all updated!

Bhod Gyalo!

To support SFT Canada’s lobby work, please consider making a donation or joining the SFT Canada Rangzen Circle. We thank all our supporters – our work for Tibet wouldn’t be possible without you!

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