SFT Eat for Tibet Food Festival

SFT Canada hosted our first ever Eat for Tibet Food Festival this past Sunday February 13th in Toronto, and needless to say, it was an amazing time!

People came out from all over to enjoy Tibetan cuisine and culture, meet old friends and make new ones, and of course, support Students for a Free Tibet’s work for Tibet. Our Food Festival was featured on several popular online sites before the festival including Toronto Life’s The Weekender To-Do List, and was even featured on Global TV Toronto’s 6 o’clock news that evening spreading the message of Tibetan independence and China’s continuing brutal occupation of Tibet even further (video to be posted soon)!

Throughout the day we had musical performances, bhoeja (Tibetan butter tea) offerings, Tibetan cooking demonstrations, presentations about Students for a Free Tibet’s work and campaigns, and even appearances by a Tibetan yak!

As much fun as it was, I truly hope people came away from this festival with a deeper understanding and appreciation for all things Tibet.  I hope they realize not only how important Tibet and our culture is to the cultural mosaic that is Canada, but also how important their support for Tibet is to the Tibetan people inside Tibet.

Thanks so much to all the musical performers: Sonam Chokey, Tenzin Choekey and crew who sang so beautifully and are from the renowned Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre Dance Troupe; and Tseten Lhundup la, formerly of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in India, a highly regarded institution formed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Thanks also to professional Chef Tenzin Dorjee la, who did a wonderful job in presenting Tibetan cooking.

A million thanks to all the restaurants (Tibet Kitchen, Tsampa Cafe, Le Tibet, Himalayan Cafe, & Om Restaurant), as well as all the volunteers who helped make this possible, and of course to all those who came out to Eat for Tibet! We’ll see you all next year, don’t forget to come hungry!

For more photos from the festival, visit our Facebook photo album.

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