Support Tibetan Cultural Resistance!

Dear Friends,

This year, SFT Canada stepped up its Stop Mining Tibet campaign, talking to investors and showing China Gold and other Canadian mining companies that exploiting Tibet’s resources is bad business. Our members increased the pressure on China to release Tibetan heroes like filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen from prison. And we’ve trained dozens of young Tibetans and Tibet supporters in grassroots organizing, strategic campaigning, and other skills that are essential to the success of the Tibetan Freedom Movement.

Please support SFT Canada’s hard-hitting work for Tibet with a donation today:

As proud as I am of what SFT members have accomplished in 2010, the most inspiring developments this year have taken place inside Tibet.

Student Protests

In spite of China’s escalated repression following the widespread protests in 2008, there is a cultural renaissance taking place in Tibet right now. Writers, musicians, intellectuals, and everyday people are boldly asserting their views and their culture as a form of resistance to China’s colonial occupation.

And in October, more than 8,000 Tibetan students – some as young as 13 – took to the streets to defend their fundamental right to study in the Tibetan language.

In November, young Tibetans in Toronto showcased poetry, music and literature written by local SFT members, as well as artists in Tibet that have risked everything to express themselves, such as Sherten, a pop music star, Jamyang Kyi, a singer and blogger, and Tashi Dhondup, a musician jailed for two years for his album “Tortured Without a Trace.” Watch Tashi Dhondup’s title song (with thanks to High Peaks Pure Earth).

TashiDhondupThis was SFT Canada’s first event in the “Renaissance Series,” launched this summer by SFT’s International Headquarters to celebrate and promote the remarkable Tibetan cultural resistance and the writings, poetry, music, and other works of art and literature banned in Chinese-occupied Tibet.

With a pen, a paintbrush, and the strength of their voices, Tibetans are standing up and speaking their minds against all the might of China. They are showing the world that Tibetan identity and culture are far stronger than the brute force that the Chinese government is using to try to suppress them.

Please donate now to support SFT’s campaigns and our efforts to amplify Tibetan voices to the world. Every single contribution makes a difference.

Your generosity as the year draws to an end will allow SFT Canada to continue to carry out effective campaigns to support the Tibetan people’s right to determine the use of their own land and to celebrate their rich culture and identity in peace and freedom. Please give today:

In solidarity,

Tenzin Lobsang Wangkhang
National Director


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