Help Stop Mining in Tibet: Call China Gold Today!

Should Canadians be investing in a mining project in Tibet that Tibetans oppose?

We don’t think so either.

Join us in turning up the heat on Canadian-based China Gold International Resources. Call them today!

China Gold International Resources is set to finalize their acquisition of a copper mine in Gyama (Ch: Jiama), near Lhasa, Tibet with a special shareholders meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia today. Tibetans and their supporters are protesting outside the meeting right now to intensify pressure on the company.

YOU can help us flood China Gold with phone calls TODAY and ensure the company hears from Tibetans and supporters worldwide.

Call the company’s head office at +1-604-609-0598 to voice your opposition to China Gold’s Tibet operations. It will only take a few minutes.

When you call, please leave a message for China Gold CEO, Mr. Xin Song like the one below:

Hi, this is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling from [YOUR CITY/COUNTRY] to voice my opposition to China Gold International Resources’ mining operation in Gyama, Tibet. Please pass on my message to Mr. Xin Song and tell him to do the right thing now by leaving Tibet.

Most calls end here, but if you have the opportunity to say more, please see helpful talking points below. After you call:

If you’re on Facebook, check out SFT Canada’s fan page for updates on this global action.

China Gold International Resources is the overseas arm of China Gold Group Corp – one of China’s largest state-owned mining companies and a company that has been operating in Gyama for a number of years.

In 2009, local Tibetans in Gyama protested the contamination of water resources and the resettlement of nomads as a result of the mine operations. Tibetans don’t want this mine and no Canadian business has the right to profit off China’s occupation of Tibet.

Help us build on the momentum from our protest three weeks ago at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference where six members of SFT Canada went inside and confronted China Gold’s company representativeWatch & share footage of the action.

By stepping up the pressure on China Gold, we can help stop foreign companies and the Chinese government from profiting off the Tibetan people’s land and help protect Tibet’s fragile environment for generations to come.

With hope,

Tendor, Kate, Tenzin Lobsang and all of us here at SFT

P.S. Please take action now: Call China Gold International Resources at +1-604-609-0598

Helpful Talking Points

Please be polite when you call and ask to speak with a representative of China Gold International Resources. If a representative is not available, you can ask to leave a message.

  • Under Chinese occupation, Tibetans are denied their internationally recognized right to determine the use of their land and resources.
  • Until Tibetans can freely consent to mine operations on their land, your company has no business profiting off of Tibet’s natural resources.
  • Mining and other resource extraction projects are a key component of China’s Western Development Strategy, which the Chinese government has openly admitted is politically motivated and a means of solidifying control over the region.
  • Mine activities will bring more Chinese settlers into Tibet, further marginalizing Tibetans socially and economically, and posing a threat to the very survival of Tibetan culture and identity.
  • Tibet is under military lockdown and any Tibetan who speaks out against Chinese government sponsored projects – like mine operations – risks arrest, imprisonment, and even death.
  • Tibetans want development and an end to the decades of poverty they have endured under Chinese rule but oppose projects that do not benefit local Tibetans, are environmentally destructive, and allow China to further consolidate control over their land.

For more ways to take action please visit:


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