Stop Mining Tibet: SFT Confronts China Gold Corp in Toronto!

China Gold Mining Action

Photo by: Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda

It’s been an exciting week for Students for a Free Tibet Canada in our campaign to Stop Mining in Tibet!

This past Saturday, SFT Canada organized a protest targeting Vancouver-based China Gold International Resources, a mining company that recently purchased a copper mine in Gyama (Ch: Jiama), near Lhasa, Tibet’s capital.

Although based in Canada, the company is largely owned by China Gold Corp, the largest state-owned gold mining company in China. Tibetans in Gyama have already protested China Gold Corp’s operations in the area.

So when we heard China Gold International was setting up a booth to attract Canadian investors at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference, we knew we had to act.

While Tibetans and their supporters protested outside, six members of SFT Canada went inside and confronted the company representative, calling on China Gold to withdraw from Tibet until Tibetans are in a position to determine the use of their own land and natural resources. Watch & share footage of the action.


Support more actions like this by donating to SFT Canada today:

Following the excitement over the weekend, on Monday, I spoke at a Human Rights Conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, organized by MP Peter Julian. I spoke about the urgency of the issue of mining in Tibet and the involvement of Canadian corporations in this dirty business.

Everyone in the room was very receptive and several people asked how they could support the campaign.

One way you can help is by making a donation today:

Every dollar will will go towards continuing the fight for Tibet’s land and resources that rightfully belong to the Tibetan people.

As Tibetans inside Tibet are risking everything to oppose destructive mining operations on their land, here in Canada, there is so much we can do to pressure these companies to stop robbing Tibet’s resources.

Thank you for your support. Together we can help protect Tibet’s fragile environment for generations to come.

With hope,

Tenzin Lobsang
National Director

P.S. I hope you will donate today and help support Tibetans in their efforts to stop disastrous mining projects on their land. Even the smallest contribution makes a difference:


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  2. damn that’s beautifull!

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