Shanghai ExpoSED: SFT Canada @ the Chinese Consulate in Toronto

Heavenly Tibet or Hell on Earth?

From September 1st through 5th, the Chinese Government is featuring “Tibet Week” with the theme “Heaven in Tibet” at the Shanghai World Expo in an attempt to claim Tibetan culture as its own and whitewash its abysmal human rights record in Tibet.

While the Chinese government promotes state-sponsored Tibetan culture, scores of Tibetan artists, writers, musicians, bloggers and other public figures have been arrested, imprisoned, harassed or disappeared for speaking out about the aspirations, the hardships and the unity of Tibetans living under Chinese occupation.

TAKE ACTION : Join us in expoSING the Chinese government’s assault on Tibetan culture at the Shanghai Expo.

Check out the video below of SFT Canada at the Chinese consulate on September 2nd, exposing China’s lie of a “heavenly” Tibet.


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