The Revolutionaries Are Coming!!!!

Students for a Free Tibet Canada brings you SFT’s very own former International Director Lhadon Tethong and present Executive Director Tenzin Dorjee (Tendor). An opportunity to listen to two hardcore activists, amazing speakers… Well there aren’t enough words to describe these two. Both of them have done so much for Tibet through SFT at such a young age, it’s really inspiring. These two activists are the Chinese government’s worst nightmare. They’ve rocked the Beijing Olympics and they are coming here to share their experiences and what they are going to do next. Lhadon and Tendor need you to be there during this event, so that you as a Tibetan or Tibetan supporter know what you need to do now. They need you to stand with them and fight until the end.

The topic of the talk is called Art of Resistance: The Tibet Movement Post – 2008. The talk is absolutely free. Following the talk, delicious Tibetan cuisine will be served. After the delicious dinner, there will be a performance by the very talented Tendor. Tendor’s music has mesmerized many of us before, so you can’t miss it!!! Of course we have other great performers, and you’ll have to be there to find out who they are. One thing I know for sure is that they are all extremely talented. There will be a play performed, a very interesting play. You all have seen SFTer’s perform the Thriller dance, as well as the Temptations, so you know for sure this play is going to be really good.

As the sun sets, and the stars and the moon is upon us, we won’t be going home so soon, because we are not done yet. It’s time to dress up and get on the dance floor and show your moves. Let’s dance the night away.

If you buy the tickets now, all of this for only $20, but if you buy it at the door it’s $25. Now I might not be great at math but this sure sounds like a great deal. So I’ve got my tickets. Do you???? To get your tickets, visit SFT Canada’s website now!

Urgen Sangye

SFT Canada Intern


One response to “The Revolutionaries Are Coming!!!!

  1. Sounds like an awesome event. SFT Canada events are always so well organized and fun. Can’t wait to see everyone on August 28!!

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