Three Tibetans forcibly sent back to Tibet by the Nepalese Government.

I can not imagine the devastation they felt when they were questioned, abused and forcibly thrown back into the pits of hell just after crawling their way to freedom and justice.

I can not imagine the ruthlessness and inhumane decisions made against them.

Please show them that there are still people who will stand up for their rights, their freedom to speak, their freedom to move where ever help is there.

I can not imagine it because I have not been in their shoes.

But the least we can do for our brothers and sisters who are still under the wrath of the Chinese government is to show up.

Show that you care.

Show that you feel pain hearing their stories.

Show that you are a human.

Show that you will do anything in your power to bring justice no matter how impossible it may seem.

Because a famous man once said, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

It was Ghandi. The one single man who trembled the mighty chairs of the British Colony.

We have our own. Kundun.

The single man who China fears so much, not because of military, oil and industry, but by the one weapon who we all Tibetans carry, The Truth.

Peace and love.

Written by SFT Toronto’s Chosang

To read about the story, please CLICK HERE.

To TAKE ACTION, and write to Ms. Sujata Koirala, Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, calling on Nepal to uphold the rights of Tibetan refugees, please CLICK HERE.


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