SFT Executive Director Tendor Visits Calgary

University of Calgary’s Students for a Free Tibet chapter was pleased to host SFT Executive Director Tenzin Dorjee (Tendor) and the former Co-chair of International Tibet Support Network (ITSN) Nima Dorjee as a post M10 event focusing on : “ Why Tibet Matters”.   The event piqued the interest of many students that brought concerns regarding the present situation within Tibet as well as the future direction of Students for a Free Tibet.

Why Tibet Matters was a two-day event, day one centered on connecting with students and was held at the University of Calgary and the second day was held at a community center addressing the local Tibetan Community which was followed by a social gathering in the evening.

Since the recommencement of our chapter at the University, we have seen our membership double in comparison to the previous year, an increase in activities such as events and actions, an increase in attention from the University students, other sanctioned clubs and Tibet supporters across Alberta in addition to media and University administrators.  We are overwhelmed by the response and will continue to work hard at creating educational, active and fun opportunities for every member of our chapter.

Phuntsok D, SFT Calgary


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