Tibetan Uprising Day in Ottawa: “Looking for concrete action”

On March 10, 2010, Tibetans and human right supporters (from CTC and SFT) came out to protest on the Parliament hill. About 100 Tibetan supporters from Montreal and Ottawa gathered at noon.

We listened to speeches from different government parties, all saying the same thing. That they care, and it’s been 51 years too long but we know that; we are looking for concrete actions, not just good speeches. There were great speeches from long term Tibetan supporters and members of CTC and SFT.

At around 1:30 we started on our route to the Chinese embassy. By the time we got to the embassy we were a smaller group but we were still mighty and filled with passion. We stayed there until 4. Throughout our peaceful protest, we had some Chinese government followers who took some pictures of us. But, besides that it was a very successful protest. Thank you to everyone who came out to support Tibet. See you in a free Tibet!

Tenzin Tara, SFT Canterbury High School

Here are also some photos of SFT Canterbury High School during their petition drive for Dhondup Wangchen on March 10th.


5 responses to “Tibetan Uprising Day in Ottawa: “Looking for concrete action”

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  2. well done good work!

  3. me and ckarma are impressed!
    shes literally swimming around in a circle with a proud smile on her face 🙂

  4. Great Work SFT! Thank you for staying true to the cause! Bod Rangzen!

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