March 10th: Use it before we lose it

News came out yesterday that Thinley Gytaso, the representative of the Dalai Lama in Nepal, was arrested by Nepal police on Sunday, “in a bid to prevent anti-China demonstrations in Nepal on March 10,” the 51stanniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day.

However, this isn’t the first time the Nepal government has taken action against the Tibetan government in exile in recent years.  In 2005, the Nepal government closed the office of the Dalai Lama’s representative in Kathmandu, stating that since it recognized Tibet as an integral part of China, it wouldn’t allow a parallel diplomatic office.  His Holiness’s representative was also arrested in 2008 during Beijing Olympics protests in Nepal, which made huge headlines across the world, embarrassing the Chinese government.

Even though Nepal is home to over 20,000 Tibetan refugees, China is exerting more and more of an influence on Nepal’s government policies, and this just goes to show how powerful their grip on Nepal really is under the Nepalese Maoist leadership.  And it’s not only Nepal who is bowing to Chinese pressure; you can see China’s heavy hand at work even in North America with the recent Obama and Dalai Lama meeting that was put off for several months until Obama met with China first, and when His Holiness came to Canada in the fall, and only met with a few politicians behind closed doors, rather than the public affection shown during his last visit in 2007 when even Prime Minister Harper publicly met with His Holiness in his Parliament Hill office.

After reading the news article about Thinley Gyatso being arrested ahead of March 10th, I feel more convinced than ever that we must yell louder than ever in the March 10th protests here in Canada for those inside Tibet, and now those in Nepal.

To see the story published in The Times of India, click here.

To take part in the 51st Anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising, click here to find an event in a Canadian city near you.


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