Help SFT Canada Win Wednesday’s Facebook Challenge!

n502689997_8202You can help turn $10 into $1,000 for Students for a Free Tibet Canada. It’s not magic, it’s the Facebook Causes Giving Challenge.

And, beginning at 3pm (EST) TODAY (Tuesday, Oct. 20th) until 3pm (EST) TOMORROW (Wednesday, Oct. 21st), SFT Canada is in it to win it!

This 24hr challenge is SFT Canada’s opportunity to win $1,000 and to help SFT HQ win the 1st place challenge prize of $50,000 by Nov. 6th, when the challenge ends.

Please help us win by donating $10 once between 3pm (EST) TODAY (Tuesday, October 20th) and 3pm (EST) TOMORROW (Wednesday, Oct. 21st):

Wednesday is an auspicious day to win! Tibetans inside Tibet have come to honor “Lhakar” or “White Wednesday” as the day on which His Holiness the Dalai Lama was born. Every Wednesday, Tibetans across Tibet are taking simple and concrete actions – such as visiting monasteries, eating in Tibetan restaurants, speaking in Tibetan, and wearing traditional clothing – to reaffirm their identity and celebrate the resilience of Tibetan culture in the face of China’s oppression.

This is SFT Canada’s day to take action!

1. Go to the Tibetan Freedom Movement’s Cause:
2. Select donate (if you don’t have a Facebook account, choose the “Donate Without Facebook” option)
3. Donate $10 and invite all your friends and family to do the same (you can only donate once per 24hr period)

Here’s the deal: Every 24 hour period (3pm EST – 3pm EST the next day) until November 6, 2009, the cause with the greatest number of unique daily donations wins $1k. The organization with the greatest number of daily donations at the end of the challenge wins $50k. You do not need a Facebook account to take part.

If you can donate more than $10, please give $10 on different days so that each of your donations counts towards SFT’s total number – bringing us one step closer to winning $50K. You can only donate once per 24hr cycle.

Here are other ways you can help:

– After you donate, please call or text 1 friend. Tell them what you did and ask them to do the same.

– Have a telethon party tonight with a group of friends and phone everyone you know to encourage them to donate $10 to help SFT Canada win the challenge.

– Forward this message to any friends or family before the challenge ends on Wednesday at 3pm (EST)!

With your continued support, Tibet will be free!


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