SFT “Welcomes” Chinese Foreign Mininster to Ottawa

SFT Ottawa “welcomed” Chinese foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on June 22nd as he arrived in Ottawa to meet with the Canadian Foreign Minister, Lawrence Cannon.  Below is a report from SFT Ottawa’s Wangdu Duntak and photos from Lodoe Laura.

We started our protest against the arrival of foreign minister Yang Jiechi at 5:30 pm.  There was a total of eight participants, Topgyal, Tsering Chopel, Tsering Choden, Jigme, Lodoe Laura, Tenzin Tara, a friend of Tenzin Tara’s, and I.  We stood along side with the Falun Gong practitioners who numbered around 150, out front and across the street from the the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Lestor B. Pearson building.

Throughout the protest, the Falun Gong members were giving speeches on a megaphone.  So therefore, we had setup beside their demonstration by holding out two Tibetan flags and two banners to get the attention of the oncoming cars passing by in front of us and also the people inside the building.  The Chinese foreign minister did not enter from the front of the building, some of the Falun Gong organizers had told me that it might be likely that he came in secretly from behind.

We ended our demonstration around 7:15 pm as many of the Falun Gong practitioners were either leaving or finishing their demonstration.



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