Tibetans and Supporters Confront Continental Minerals at their AGM

It was a rainy Vancouver day, but Tibetans and supporters organized by SFT and CTC came out to hold a second protest on Wednesday June 24th, outside the Metropolitan Hotel where the Continental Minerals AGM took place, to protest the company mining in Tibet.  Earlier that morning, Tsering Lama, SFT Canada National Director, went head-to-head with Continental Minerals’ VP Dickson Hall on CBC Radio.  To listen to the CBC Radio interview, click here.


Later that day, Tsering was able to enter the AGM to confront the executives of Continental Minerals and deliver over 1000 petitions of supporters calling for Continetnal Minerals to stop mining in Tibet (we actually have 1600 petitions but stopped the printer at 1000, felt bad killing more trees than we had to!).  Several other SFTers Casey, Klara, and Christy also entered the AGM and were later were kicked out of the meeting, but staged a powerful die-in in the hall outisde the meeting before being escorted out of the hotel.


Those who were in the meeting said they could hear the protestors outside loud and clear, and the Continental executives were so stunned at how powerful Tibetans and their supporters were, they were literally shaking during the meeting!


During the confrontation, Tsering spoke about how Tibetans were protesting a similar operation in a nearby area.  Continental Minerals’ CEO David Copeland was quick to reply that that shows that Tibetans have freedom of speech.  Tsering replied that no, no they don’t; 6 Tibetan women were shot in the process.

To see CTV media coverage of Wednesday’s event, click here.

To see SFT’s footage of inside the AGM, as well as the protest outside, click here.

For reports, videos, and photos from similar actions from around the world, visit: www.StopMiningTibet.com


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