Tibetans and Supporters Shame Continental Minerals on Their Own Turf

We arrived in Vancouver this week, ready to take on Continental Minerals on their turf!  Our first night, Tsering and I met with the rock star members of SFT Vancouver to get ready for today’s day of protest against Continental.


Game day arrived with the weather cooperating and many Tibetans and supporters gathered in downtown Vancouver in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, just blocks away from the Continental Minerals head office, to call for the subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson to “quit Tibet”.  Take a look at the previous blog post to see why!


SFT up-and-comer Klara did an awesome job MCing the event, and also took part in the political theatre, along with Kristy, Ray from CTC, Tsering and I.  We depicted how Continental was suppressing the Tibetan people with the help of the Chinese police force, and how the currency traded between the company and the regime company was “dirty money”.  Look out for the YouTube video to witness the fabulous performance!  Shortly after, we marched to the Continental office to make our voices heard, with many people showing their support along the way.


All in all, today was a great day; I got to meet a lot of amazing people from SFT Vancouver/Victoria, CTC Vancouver/Victoria, and members of the Tibetan community; we got great media coverage from CTV (click here to check it out); and most importantly , we were able to publicly shame Continental Minerals.

Now, on to the next protest which is taking place on the day of Continental’s AGM on Wednesday, June 24th. If you’re in the Vancouver or Toronto areas that day, check out SFT Canada’s website to get details about taking part in these protests.  And don’t forget to call into Continental Minerals from June 22-24 to give them a piece of your mind about what you think about them mining in Tibet.


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