Game’s Over, Free Tibet!

The Beijing 2008 Olympics closed the way it opened – with SFT protestors making sure that the Tibet issue was very kept very much alive midst of this “celebration”. During the closing ceremony itself, one could not help notice the disconnect between the CCP officials and the Chinese people. These officials, with stern looks on their faces in the stands, just seemed to watch ominously at the big exuberant event taking place on the ground. Some media picked up on this story and personally, I feel hopeful that change is about to take place.

Most importantly, the Olympics were granted to China with promises that it would allow improve human rights and allow more freedom in China and Tibet. Even the Dalai Lama mentioned that he supports the Olympics for these very same reasons and also that it was a huge pride for the Chinese people. However, what we witnessed on ground was totally different. From the opening ceremony sham where firelights were “edited” and a Chinese girl being not worthy of singing due to her looks to thousands of plain clothes security police on the streets to take down any protests – the CCP led China clearly backtracked on its promises. Not even a single application was approved for these “protest zones”. The world has witnessed the farce policies of this totalitarian regime. Despite the presence of hundreds of thousands of visitors, the international media, and the world leaders (the few that chose to attend), the CCP pulled off this huge propaganda show covered with lies. Take a second to imagine the CCP treatment if no one was there to report it, like in Tibet. The CCP have always claimed the Tibetans inside Tibet were content and put up skewed facts and figures to support it. When the uprising began in March, not just within the Tibet Autonomous region (TAR) but all over Tibet, the military was sent in and hundreds have died and thousands are still in prison. Over fifty SFT activists unfurled banners, staged die-ins, and held press conference to highlight this issue and advocate what Tibetans wanted – freedom and independence. These courageous people were detained for questioning and some were held for over a week. All the Tibetans, their supporters, and people of conscience all around the world thank them for their brave actions. Please visit to see their actions.

The Games are over, but our struggle continues. Tibetans all over world will continue to push even harder to demand positive tangible changes inside Tibet. The world has been exposed to this corrupt and brutal regime and its iron-fist rule over Tibet. The Tibet Independence movement was and continues to be based on truth and justice for its people while the CCP tries to cover up its path of lies. History has shown us that the latter is not feasible enough and cracks will start appearing soon.

Bhod Gyalo! Free Tibet


2 responses to “Game’s Over, Free Tibet!

  1. I like your new site!

  2. a free tibet I think rests on the shoulder of HH. Dalai Lama.

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