Vancouver Olympic Actions

On August 6th, there was a dramatic blockade at the entrance of the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver. SFT member, a Tibetan-American named Tashi, fixated himself to a large, wooden Chinese tank which read “One World One Dream Beijing 2008”. Tashi was dressed as a Tibetan monk and above him on the Chinese tank hung a banner reading, “Tibetans are Dying for Freedom”. Tashi remained at the entrance of the Chinese consulate for about 2 hours at which point he was forcefully removed by the police, arrested, and detained. After six hours, Tashi was released and charged with Assault by Trespassing and Obstructing an Officer (for not removing himself from the Tank earlier). Members of the Tibetan community, SFT, and pro-tibet supporters joined Tashi and the horde of reporters who observed the blockade and supported the action. The action drew the attention of TV helicopters, national news, and many different press outlets.

On August 9th, during a large Rally at the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver calling for China to address their human rights abuses in Tibet, East Turkistan, and within China itself, Dylan Sparks, an SFT member and local Vancouverite, climbed a pole and hung a banner saying, “One World One Dream Free Tibet” as well as a large Tibetan flag. As he climbed, the crowd of Tibetans and human rights activists cheered him on and applauded his brave action. One deployed, Dylan stayed on the pole for about 1 hour before he decided to come down and join the demonstration. He was arrested and released within minutes – just in time to join the march from the Chinese Consulate to the Vancouver Art Gallery where there were performers and speakers. Both Dylan and Tashi delivered speeches and were thanked by the Tibetan community for their dedication.


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