Canadian activists hang banners in Paris and on the Golden Gate Bridge

What can I say about a day like today? This was another landmark achievement for our movement and the Olympics campaign. We started the day at the crack of dawn, driving towards the Golden Bridge while watching a live stream video of the banner hang in Paris uploaded by our colleagues. We were thrilled to see the video of Mel Raoul (a Canadian who also did the banner hang on the Great Wall of China in August) and Phil (a British SFTer) unfurl a French banner which read “Pas de Flamme au Tibet” or “No Torch through Tibet.”

Paris banner hang

A few hours later, a team of seven SFT members/ Tibet activists unfurled two of the largest banners I have ever seen on the Golden Gate Bridge against a cloudless blue sky. It was stunning sight. Two days before the Chinese Olympic Torch arrives in San Francisco, we had put our message on the most recognizable landmark in San Francisco. And our message was clear – we reject the Torch; we reject it here and we reject it going into Tibet.

Banner Hang SF

Then came the media interviews, one after another, non-stop. Shortly after (they were a little slow on getting there) we were sized up by a fair number of Chinese ‘observers.’ But it didn’t matter anymore – we had won already – a small victory but another piece of a global message to China that until they resolve the issue of Tibet, they will have to hear us Tibetans and our supporters protest loudly at every opportunity.

Ali Taub (another Canadian, 22 year old, from Vancouver) was detained with three other support members shortly after the climbers left the ground. The three climbers were then detained after coming down voluntarily. As of right now, all of them are incarcerated and have been charged a number of different charges, and we’ve got a legal team monitoring the situation.

This was an amazing day and it’s almost over, but our work with Beijing’s disastrous Torch Relay in San Francisco certainly isn’t – in fact it’s just beginning.

Beijing, we are ready.


8 responses to “Canadian activists hang banners in Paris and on the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Hanging the banner was a pretty good stunt. The message was brought home and no one was hurt by it. However, after watching these hordes of slavering-jawed, wild-eyed fanatics attacking anyone opposed to their views, my support for Tibetan independence just went out the window. If these terror tactics are any representation of what a free Tibet would look like, I want no part of it.
    This gang of mindless thugs are great at demanding the right to dissent while denying it, violently, to others. If all the Tibetan expatriots are so bent on getting the Chinese out of Tibet, what are they doing cowering behind the rights of the nations that afforded them sactuary. If these cowards had the courage of their convictions they would be heading home to take up the cause at the centre of the action…but I guess you’re more of a hero when you attack other people who have also sought a better life in a foreign land.

  2. Powell,
    you do realize that many of the Tibetans have relatives back in Tibet now, do you? I personally know of Tibetans whose nephews/nieces, brothers/sisters, etc, were either shot dead by the Chinese police or seriously injured during the recent protests in Lhasa and the rest of Tibet.

    During protests, things can get a little too sensitive and heated on both sides. I’ve seen videos of pro-China activists literally throwing fists at a Tibetan pro-Tibet protester during a leg of the torch relay in London.

    If you find these trivial niggles to be “terror tactics”, I think I can safely assume that you know zilch about the atrocious actions AND “terror tactics” employed by the CCP in Tibet today.

  3. The banners are spectacular! Well Done! Carry on the good work. We will support you guys!

    I’m Chinese Canadian and I believe majority of Chinese don’t understand what is Self-determination set out by united Nations. I think ALL chinese who live in Canada have to take Canadian history and political philosophy 101 before they are allowed to be citizens. Don’t we celebrate Canada day July 1, the independence from Great Britain? Didn’t we let Quebec vote for their independence?

    Seems like the argument from Chinese is that Tibet was under the rule of China and therefore it has to be a part of it now and in the future and or forever.

    Please someone write to Canadian Chinese newspapers explaining the concept of self-determination and the dignity of being a Canadian!!!

    Chinese choose social harmony and propersity($$) at the expense of individual freedom and dignity. Economic benefit always comes first and human rights come last.

    Please! They urgently need education!


  4. Sabola,
    at this critical juncture your support is very much appreciated, also since you’re Chinese Canadian! 🙂

    Thanks for the support!

  5. A bunch of hooligans who care more about movements and self promotion than the conflict which are. Gyrad it is sad to hear fools talking about ‘back in Tibet’ I bet you were never East of New York City. Get back to the spot cream and the cheerleaders and you should be okay. Powel Lucas you ARE SPOT ON.

  6. Louis,
    I’m afraid you’ve got me all wrong. What do you mean I was never east of NYC? From what I could decipher from the poorly constructed sentence, I think you meant that I’ve never set foot east of NYC(as in Asia) and that I’m one of the ignorant westerners who knows nothing about the issue.

    Wrong. First off, I’m a Tibetan. Second, I was born and raised in Asia. Thirdly, my grandparents on both sides of my family fled Tibet when the PLA invaded, my grandfather narrowly escaping death.

    Before you tag these activists as being “a bunch of hooligans”, please explain to me why you think so, and what your logic behind it is. Are you saying activists should not protest and demonstrate because basically the only reason they’re doing it is for self-satisfaction and ‘self-promotion’? I’d like to differ.

  7. Sabola said:

    “Chinese choose social harmony and propersity($$) at the expense of individual freedom and dignity. Economic benefit always comes first and human rights come last.

    Sabola – ur opinions show u are a reasonably intelligent folk however U r living in canada…. not china

    what makes you think all the people of the world needs to follow the “canadian model of government” or the “western values”???
    The chinese choose to put social harmony ahead of everything else. That is the chinese way of doing things. Respect it. The chinese are willing to make personal sacrificise for the greater good of the community cos its confucian culture. all east asians share this belief. There is not reason for east asians to change their collective nature.

    another thing is. current the chinese are poorer than the canadians. a rich woman with a house and a car and a salary sits back and thinks about postmodernism and human rights. Try convincing the average chinese to postmodernism…. good luck…

    western nations complain about chinese human rights.. yet western companies screw china over with sweat shops… do they give the chinese human rights? eh? answer that mate…

    your average chinese simply wants a stable government that is in control of the economy.. so they can live a relatively stable life.

    ur views on democracy and freedom are nice in theory.. but crap in practise.
    so at the moment all i can say is keep dreaming…

  8. well since u decided to have ur name anonymous i’ll call you Mr KO…hope thats cool with you…anyways lets get to the point…what do u mean by “canadian model of government” or “western values” ????Canada is a great country…it respects human rights, religions, freedom of every individual…no wonder Canada has people coming from all over the world..specialy Asia…and guess what in the past Canada have had some bad reputation with welcoming newcomers but guess what people make mistakes…the most important thing is to learn from that mistake and not to repeat it… and Canada has improved amazingly in welcoming newcomers….you said chinese choose social harmony over anything else…and that chinese are willing to sacrifice for the greater good of community….soo lemme see to achieve the so called social harmony u say, it is right to take away basic human rights, and imprison anybody who speaks their feelings…if imprisoning doesn’t help then torture right, if thatsnot enough then execution…wow are these really what chinese people choose????nope i don’t think so, these are chosen by the communist chinese regime….i know there are Chinese who believe in Freedom of China from Communism and Freedom of Tibet….they are true smart educated people…. those Chinese respect… peoples territories…and don’t just say “one china” and invade the whole asia.. the time has come, Tibetans,the whole world and even the chinese people, will end this communist reign….these centuries are for democracy…..lets all stand as 1 human being and support Tibet….and Chinese people for their fight for freedom of Tibet and democracy of China….

    Bhoe Gyalo…

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