National Congress of Chinese Canadians pronouncement

The following is a translation of the NCCC’s pronouncement made about a week earlier.

( Tuesday, March 25, 2008 )
Supporting the Beijing Olympics, Opposing Tibet’s violent separatism.

In order to support the Beijing Olympic Games, NCCC who opposes the violent separatism in Tibet are submitting the pronouncement accordingly as follows:

We are very concerned about the recent riots in Lhasa plotted by the Tibetan separatists and a number of the protests violently hit the Chinese consulates in Canada and the United States that aimed to damage the proceeding of the Beijing Olympics.

The Beijing Olympics is the century-long dream that Chinese people have been longing for. The Beijing Olympics is the grand event to China, it is also the grand event to the world, it can never be damaged.

Tibet separatists have premeditated and participated the March 14th Lhasa riot, killing numerous innocent civilians, beating police, looting businesses, setting fire on hospitals, shops and vehicles. The violence has caused high civilians casualties, loss of property and the chaos in Lhasa. Such violent crime should be subject to legal sanctions and the world’s condemnation. We praise the Chinese government that exercises the restraint measures and puts the national unity policy as the first priority. The government promptly suppressed the riot and restored social orders so that the people of all nationalities in Tibet to continue to have stable and peaceful lives they used to have.

It is civilians’ rights to hold peaceful rally. However, uttering violence to attacking the innocent and damaging social order is illegal. Therefore, the world community should not be ignoring the illegal nature of the riot. Furthermore, the world community should show support to stop the violence, to protect the lives of civilians and their properties. The government of Canada has invoked <> in 1970, sending armies in response to Quebec nationalists’ violent faction in Quebec. The invoking of the act which has effectively stopped the violence and restored law and order was supported by the government of Canada. Therefore, we urge the government of Canada to increase security, to take effective measurement to the violence, to protect lives of civilians and their properties and restore law and order!

That Tibet is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory since ancient times has been recognized by the international community. The implementation of China’s policy of national unity helps Tibetan people of all ethnic groups live in harmony. There are indications that the riot in Tibet was engineered by international anti-China forces and was distorted by irresponsible media. However, with China’s peaceful rise, national strength, the unity of 1.3 billion Chinese people, the social stability, the anti-China forces’ conspiracy to separating Tibet from China will not succeed. If Dalai is not seeking Tibet separation, he should have faced the reality, practiced what he preaches and intervened the Tibetan separatists’ act of violence. Dalai should devote himself to the blessing of Tibetans, to the unity of China and world peace.


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