A refutal of the NCCC pronouncement

The pronouncement issued by the National Congress of Chinese Canadians(hereafter referred to as “NCCC”) is based on skewed views and information, and anyone who reads it will agree. Where they get their “facts” from is apparent when they regurgitate the Chinese government’s party line.

The following is a point by point refutation/exposé, if you will, of the sham pronouncement.

“We are very concerned about the recent riots in Lhasa plotted by the Tibetan separatists and a number of the protests violently hit the Chinese consulates in Canada and the United States that aimed to damage the proceeding of the Beijing Olympics.”

Concerned? They should be. But the “plotted by Tibetan separatists” is what I fail to grasp. Tourists who were present in Lhasa when the riots broke out have testified that they were spontaneous and impromptu in nature, which invalidates part of the above quoted statement. It is interesting to note how they have readily accepted the accusations of the Chinese government to be true even though they haven’t a shred of evidence to support their claim that the riots were premeditated.

“The violence has caused high civilians casualties, loss of property and the chaos in Lhasa. Such violent crime should be subject to legal sanctions and the world’s condemnation. We praise the Chinese government that exercises the restraint measures and puts the national unity policy as the first priority.”

The violence has definitely caused high civilian casualties, but does the NCCC realize that the peacefully protesting Tibetan citizens who were indiscriminately shot at with live rounds suffered a higher casualty rate? It is sad to see the NCCC’s acceptance of the Chinese government’s prioritization of the “national unity policy” over basic human rights. The NCCC, I believe — similar to the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) — is comprised mainly of Han Chinese(if not solely) and hence for them to support this notion of “unity” is scandalous because the “minorities” themselves have no say. And if the CCP is still so adamant as to say “majority of the Tibetans want to remain a part of the ‘motherland'”, then why not hold a referendum? What is there to fear if they’re so confident?

“It is civilians’ rights to hold peaceful rally. However, uttering violence to attacking the innocent and damaging social order is illegal. Therefore, the world community should not be ignoring the illegal nature of the riot. Furthermore, the world community should show support to stop the violence, to protect the lives of civilians and their properties.”

The NCCC proclaims civilians’ right to hold peaceful rallies but fails to mention the unnecessary force with which the Communist regime is known to take down such rallies(Tienanmen, for example). Peaceful protests in Lhasa started out on the 10th of March(which is the anniversary of a popular uprising against Chinese occupation in 1959), but turned violent on the 14th after the police mercilessly beat protesting monks and arrested them.

The riot was a perfectly legitimate show of grievance that the Tibetan people had against the Communist regime’s over 50 years of repression, subjugation, and terrorism. The world community has already shown support for the end to violence of the regime’s brutal clampdown and unwarranted use of brute force and I admire them for doing so.

“That Tibet is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory since ancient times has been recognized by the international community. The implementation of China’s policy of national unity helps Tibetan people of all ethnic groups live in harmony. There are indications that the riot in Tibet was engineered by international anti-China forces and was distorted by irresponsible media.”

The NCCC forgets that international community also recognizes the UN Charter which clearly states several times of peoples’ right to self-determination. There has not yet been a single evidence that the Chinese government has produced that even remotely suggests that the riot in Tibet “was engineered by international anti-China forces”. Mere rhetoric and baseless provocations on the part of the Chinese government are not going to help solve the Tibet issue.

“If Dalai is not seeking Tibet separation, he should have faced the reality, practiced what he preaches and intervened the Tibetan separatists’ act of violence. Dalai should devote himself to the blessing of Tibetans, to the unity of China and world peace.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has for ages tried to reconcile with the Communist regime, all but in vain. For me personally, this is the reason why I — and many other Tibetans, I’m sure — do not trust the regime. The NCCC, it seems, has a myopic view of the whole conflict. It should open its eyes and view not just the effects but also the causes which led to the demonstrations that took place all over Tibet. I am of the opinion that at this time of upheaval and strife, the NCCC should instead address the issue by pressuring the Chinese government to come to terms with the Tibetan peoples’ desires.


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