Chinese human rights activists speak up for Tibet

This is video footage from a press conference we had in front of the Chinese consulate. On the same day, ‘Chinese students’ organized a ‘song and dance festival’ for China – where they incidentally chanted for “One China,” cursed Tibetans as violent rioters, and assaulted numerous Canadians and Tibetan Canadians who spoke up for Tibet. Song and dance, indeed.

A human rights lawyer in Toronto, speaks at our press conference: “I am Chinese and I support a free Tibet!”

A long time human rights activist:

At a time when the Chinese government is openly inciting hatred against Tibetans among the Chinese people, it is personally reassuring to know that many Chinese people living abroad DO support the plight of the Tibetan people for justice and human rights. Thank you for standing in solidarity with us against the Chinese government’s oppression. This is a fight we share.


One response to “Chinese human rights activists speak up for Tibet

  1. Will the world let this happen again?

    How many life’s have to be smashed under the CCP’s tank and under their gunfire before the world will stand up and help both the Tibetans and the Chinese people?

    On the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther Kings death the statement still stands:

    Diane NYC

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