Chinese-Canadians rally in support of homeland – original article

Several hundred Chinese-Canadians rallied at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday afternoon to show their support for their homeland.

The group waved both Chinese and Canadian flags and chanted “One China!” while patriotic Chinese music played on boom boxes.

Demonstrators said China has been unfairly portrayed by the media during the recent violent clashes with Tibetan monks.

“We just want to let the Western media know … not to twist the truth,” said Chinese student Jeff Wang.

“Propaganda, just propaganda,” said pro-China demonstrator Yang Chao. “If you know the truth about what’s really happening in China, it’s nothing like what’s being reported.”

But Tibetan supporters and peace activists denounced the rally, saying the Chinese Consulate forced visa students to organize the event.

“I think it’s a scam, I think it’s a shame,” said activist Dora Nipp. “They are visa students, and they are students who are being controlled by the Chinese Consulate here. They were down in Chinatown buying flags because that’s what they’re told to do.”

“The pressure from the Chinese government, the long-arm of the Chinese government, stretches all the way here to Toronto,” said Tibetan-Canadian Tenzin Bhuti.

Those who attended the pro-China event denied the event was staged.

“That’s absolutely not true,” rally spokesman Alexander Lao said of the allegations. “This event was organized by a bunch of students.”

A smaller group of activists protested outside the Chinese Consulate earlier in the day to decry the deadly clashes in China in recent weeks and the tactics they say are being used in Toronto.

Beijing says 22 people died in protests that spread earlier this month to dozens of Tibetan communities across western China, in the broadest challenges to Chinese rule in decades.


3 responses to “Chinese-Canadians rally in support of homeland

  1. If China wants to be a world power, they should get used to the idea of being criticized in mainstream media, just like every other world power has. If the worlds eyes are watching, you better be damn ready for every move to be seen, analyzed, and criticized.

  2. China have never sought being a world power, just as Mr. Mao said. However, China is still ready to take the responsibility “to be …..analyzed and criticized”. “…..every move to be seen”? Little bit naive. There is not a single country in this world is “ready for every move to be seen”, otherwise there is no need for somebody from CIA, right? So why China?

    Criticism is helpful while it’s based on truth and respect. While there is a domestic issue, outsiders have to learn the words from both sides. That is what judges do while the legal service is neccesary. So if you try to be a judge, make your judgement after you get the words from both sides, with the background of history and truth.

  3. What, forced to stage pro-china protests by the chinese government?

    I’m sure the governement sent troops with guns and FORCED people to rally.

    That is pretty ridiculous.

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