And Now, a Message from Toronto

An update from the recent students’ fair held in George Brown College, in Toronto:

Our Student Association organized the event and we were one of the many clubs that took part of it. We got extra attention from the Student’s Association and the students in general. At present, our chapter has more than 50 members and we recruited ten more just yesterday. We got the table at the center of the event because the organizers loved our colourful decoration and banners. We distributed lots of important and helpful materials like the Free Panchen Rinpoche stickers, Tenzing Delek Rinpoche flyers, the 10 Facts of Tibet sheet, Nortel and Bombardier’s involvement in China’s illegal railway building in Tibet etc. This year we are focusing on school campuses and last year we organized eleven events with other chapters in Toronto. We have more Tibetan students this year and many of them are really excited to be active. We are growing! Free Tibet! Bhoe Gyaalo!



Great going, guys! Enlighten, embolden and empower — one student at a time.


One response to “And Now, a Message from Toronto

  1. Really appreciate what you guys did for Tibet and Tibetan people. That all I want say!!!

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