Rockin’ it in the Capital! – “Free Tibet: Reverberations of a Revolution”

[Ottawa, Saturday, Jan 20] – Ottawans swayed and rocked to the tunes of a fun Saturday evening as the local SFT chapter hosted a benefit concert featuring performances by Red Light Saints, All is Lost, and Stoic Kid. Chapter member Tenzin Wangkhang, who co-ordinated the evening, said, “We had a great turnout. I think we really got the message out last night. Dan from our SFT chapter gave a great speech in the beginning which was really moving and effective.”


Tenzin and the rest of the gang managed to raise a very generous amount from the night’s festivities. All of the proceedings will quickly be put to motion in helping those that are suffering in Tibet. “It was awesome!”, said Tenzin. “By the end of the concert, people were yelling ‘Free Tibet!’. It was loads of fun!”




SFT peeps


SFT peeps I

Got your own ideas for raising funds while having a blast all the while? Well, get to work then! And let us know how it went. Questions? Shoot away and we’ll help you help SFT & Tibet.


3 responses to “Rockin’ it in the Capital! – “Free Tibet: Reverberations of a Revolution”

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  2. I have been in India twice and both times was very disappointed with the Tibetans at the markets. They were very rude to my Indian husband making comments like ” we are not cheats like those Indians”. This after they were give safety in India. Sorry but I got a bad taste from all of this. Maybe somebody can explain why they are like this to people who helped them. I had no opinion before but this made me very upset.

  3. Um…wait…what?

    I’m actually stumped for a proper response to this “query”? So you’re telling me that a few off-colour remarks made by a few people that *upset* you deeply had some relevance to this issue at hand? Particularly about SFT’s benefit party in Ottawa?

    You’re not actually serious about this, right? I hope to god you’re not because I can’t honestly comprehend how your unfortunate anecdote could somehow paint this gigantic stroke across millions of Tibetans and their relationship with India: Your perceived lack of gratitude from the Tibetans towards the Indians based from your thoroughly surveyed action, no doubt.

    I really really hope you made your post in jest.

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