Dec 10: 58th International Human Rights Day

[Dec 10, Vancouver] On a day when the elements weren’t particularly on the co-operative side, members of the Students for a Free Tibet, Canada Tibet Committee (CTC) and Amnesty International pitched information tables and kiosks in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery to commemorate the 58th International Human Rights Day. SFT also staged a very effective political street theater on the busy downtown Vancouver shopping area to display the harsh reality of prison labour camps in Tibet and to remind the holiday shoppers to spend their bucks this season on goods that are not made under unfair labour practices perpetuated by Chinese party officials.

Shouts of “Boycott Made in China!” and “Help Free Tibet: Say NO to Prison Labour Products!” were chanted heartily above the din of motorists and pedestrians as they shuffled their way towards their shopping obligations. People stopped by and stared bemusedly at SFT members, some of whom acted as political prisoners sewing clothes while a guard or two would menacingly hover around them, making sure that they didn’t lag behind in their productivity. It was enormously effective as many pedestrians stopped in their tracks and asked SFT members of what exactly was going on.

There was also a playful bear that sauntered around the tables and on the sidewalk greeting people with a sign that read: “Boycott Made in China!” It was a blithe twist to a horrendous reality in Tibet to remind and appeal to consumers to shop with conscientous awareness this holiday season.


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