Nov 30: Global Day of Action For Nangpa Pass Detainees

November 30th marks the two month anniversary of the bloody Nangpa Pass shootings. Despite international pressure, over 30 Tibetans, including 14 children, are still missing and are reported to have been detained by Chinese border forces. If Chinese soldiers can get away with shooting innocent children, some of whom are as young as seven years old, where would they stop? Would they shoot anyone who chooses freedom over oppression?

Join people from all over the world who are asking the Chinese government one simple question, CHINA: WOULD YOU SHOOT ME TOO? In doing so, you are helping to expose the true nature of China’s brutal and repressive rule in Tibet and showing the Chinese leadership that the WORLD IS WATCHING, especially in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Please take photos of yourself, your family members, and friends holding signs with the slogan, CHINA: WOULD YOU SHOOT ME TOO? Send photos to:


Protests are also being organized at Chinese consulates across Canada. For more information, please contact: An updated list of rally locations and organizers will be posted shortly!


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