Spirited Demonstrations Mar Chairman Hu’s Historic Visit to India

Tibetan Protestors

In the lead up to Chairman Hu Jintao’s first visit to India — the first one by a top Chinese official in 10 years — thousands of colourful Tibetans lined the streets of New Delhi, India’s capital, in anticipation of his arrival.

Nuns, Monks, children and youths joined this day to show their Lhadon Tethong - Executive Director, SFT solidarity and raised their voice for the voiceless people in Tibet who are denied of all the fundamental rights. The Youth Liberation Front of Tibet and about more than 200 Arunachali people joined hands with the Tibetans to give their share of support. Also present at the gathering were many foreigners and Indian supporters.

Hosts of media personnels were present to witness the day and many other eminent guests also marked their presence. Among the guests were Lhadon Tethong, Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet (SFT)…

Great to see Lhadon and Students For a Free Tibet in the thick of the action. The protests will continue on for three days until Hu Jintao leaves. He is scheduled to visit all the major cities in India and rest assured, all the Tibetans and their supporters will be on his heels, every step of the way.

They can gag order one Tenzin Tsundue but they can’t stop thousands of poets, activists and freedom fighters. Down with the dictatorship! Power to the People!


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