Morning Coffee Links: Restricted Tsundue, Concerned Bush & Snubbing Harper

A torrent of bits of news about Tibet & China that’s been swarming around the interweb lately. Here’s the masterfully edited version for the ease of your reading.

Famed Tibetan Activist Under “City Arrest”

In an absolutely pointless and shallow display of obsequiousness, the Govt. of India has restricted political activist Tenzin Tsundue from leaving the hilly city of Dharamsala in the lead up to Chairman Hu Jintao’s visit to India. Tsundue has been ordered to stay within the “territorial jurisdiction of Dharamshala Town” until November 25 and threatened deportation to Tibet if he fails to do so. Nevermind that Tenzin Tsundue has never lived in Tibet and considers himself “more of an Indian, except for my chinky Tibetan face“.

In an effort to show that the Indian Govt. is dead serious about this, eleven policemen have been keeping round-the-clock monitoring on the peace activist. Upon being asked how he feels about this sudden lack of carefree wandering, the perenially poetic and opinionated Tenzin Tsundue replied:

“This is an attack on the freedom of all Tibetans and people living in democratic India. It is a shame on the Government of India and disrespect to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and all those who struggled for independence in this country. Clearly this is pressure from the Chinese government. I was born in India and I am working only nonviolently for the human rights and freedom of my people. This issue is not about me but it is about the six million Tibetans who are suffering every day under Chinese rule and who are deprived of their voice to speak out against the occupation.”

In other news:

Dubya Aims to Rib Hu Jintao about Tibet

US President George W Bush, fresh off the sting of his national party’s rear end being handed on a silver platter to him, is “expected to discuss the issue of Tibet and the Dalai Lama with Chinese President Hu Jintao, when the two leaders meet for a summit later this week”. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a senior White House official confirmed that the Prez feels strongly about Tibet and believes that there needs to be an open line of communication between the Dalai Lama and China about the long-standing issue of Tibet’s independence.

It is not clear when Hu Jintao will politely remind George W. Bush of his own troubles back home in America or about the ongoing quagmire that is Iraq. It is very clear, however, that there is no such thing as bad publicity and, therefore, SFT will wholeheartedly support and endorse any and all vainglorious attempts by the Bush administration to stamp their fleeting imposition as the world’s ultimate do-gooder.

We also hope that the Bush administration will pardon this most innocent and harmless tongue-in-cheekery.

And finally:

China Snubs PM Harper (Canada to Issue Emo Rant in Uncertain Future)

China, upset by Canada’s relentless criticism of it’s humans rights records and the recent cowardly Nangpa La Pass shootings of nuns and children, has decided to not engage any official meeting between Chairman Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Stephen Harper during the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation conference in Vietnam. In a childish display of he-said-she-said, both sides confirmed and later denied who asked out who first.

According to Chinese officials, Canada had asked for a meeting in Hanoi, but Canadian officials said China made the initial request.

“China approached us about a meeting. We said yes. We have since learned that the meeting offer has now been declined,” said Sandra Buckler, director of communications for Harper.

Chairman Hu is expected to don a bonnet and a pair of ballerinas as he awkwardly tries to avoid Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s gaze at the summit. It is not clear though if Hu can avoid the steely determination of Tenzin Tsundue and the wrath of the mass of Tibetans and Indians furious about his crimes against humanity while in India.

Keep it here for all the latest updates on Tenzin Tsundue and the rocky relationship between the two brooding trade partners.


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