Tibetans Gunned Down at Border

Matt, from SFT Int’l, has written an impassioned post lambasting the Chinese Gov’t for shooting Tibetans crossing the Himalayan border into Nepal and killing at least 2 people.

This is a sickening atrocity, perpetrated in full view of over sixty foreign mountaineers at a nearby base camp. Has China no decency? How can the murder, let alone the shooting at with the intention of causing grave harm, of civilians – children, women, and men – be justified in any situation? Quite simply it cannot and China’s savagery demands immediate international condemnation.

I’m still in quite a bit of shock at the moment. Even though we’ve always known about China’s utter disregard for basic human rights and oppression of the Tibetan people — at the very least, they have been trying to cover up their tracks leading up to the Olympics in an effort to sell themselves as an open, unified nation coming out of the shell of Mao’s extremist past. This recent atrocity clearly demonstrates how far off they are from the projected countenance.

Those Tibetans weren’t armed bandits or terrorists fleeing from a gunfight. They weren’t smugglers trying to trade illicit goods through the border. They, most probably, weren’t even political activists or defectors with sensitive information about the Chinese administration.

They were a group of women, children and men fleeing a despondent, fascist regime bent on crushing any sign of dissent or disapproval. After enduring years upon years of suffering, they made the crucial decision to hike the treacherous terrains of the Himalayas in the hopes of crossing into Nepal and ultimately being graced by the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. That was the hope and simple desire that carried them through this far. And all it led to was a group of shocked and disbelieving climbers witnessing how Chinese soldiers non-chalantly fired upon children and nuns. “Watching the line snake off thru the snow, as the shots rang out, we saw two shapes fall. The binoculars confirmed it, 2 people were down, and they weren’t getting up.”

How many more Tibetans must fall down and never get up at the hands of the Chinese gunmen before the international community recognizes the searing inhumanity that seeps through this pseudo-Communist regime and take action? How many more, IOC?


2 responses to “Tibetans Gunned Down at Border

  1. Footage of chinese guards killing Tibetans.


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