Mining Protest & UBC Action Camp

Here’s a condensed take on the recent events pertaining to the protest in front of the Hunter Dickinson HQ and the mini-action camp held in UBC:

Oct 4, 2006

After being informed about the protests inside Tibet by Tibetans against the mining operations taking place there, SFT members here in Vancouver quickly organized a small demonstration in front of the Hunter Dickinson HQ in downtown Vancouver. Due to the abrupt announcement, a lot of our members couldn’t make it to the demo but those that did, managed to stage an effective banner display in front of a lot of office workers having their lunch break — not to mention countless commuters and pedestrians.

HDI Protest

Hayfa, Bhutila, Ali, Ayako and Chris (not pictured) also distributed press releases and informed curious onlookers about the illegal and unethical operations carried out by Continental Minerals and Hunter Dickinson Corp. in Tibet. Unfortunately, no fracas of any sort developed between the protestors and law officials so the demonstration wasn’t featured in the evening 6 o’ clock news. All in all, a successful protest and a very succint reminder to the people upstairs that we’ll continue to breathe on their backs and harass them to no end until and unless they keep their hands off Tibet!

Big ups to all of ya’ll who made it there.

Sep 22 – 24, 2006,

Students For a Free Tibet (SFT) BC held yet another mini training camp for aspiring freedom fighters on the hallowed grounds of the UBC campus and park. Climbing sessions; workshops on creative campaigning, teaching Tibet, direct action, among others, were comprehensively taught and administered by seasoned SFT veterans. Many of the participants at the beginning were hesitant and lacked some knowledge about Tibet, the movement and its history but towards the conclusion of the conference a distinct glow of all-knowingness and emboldening emblazoned from the faces of the students.

Climb training

More pics available on the sidebar towards your right. Photo credits to Sam and Gelek.

Many thanks to all the participants and organizers for making the camp a big success. This is just a small taste of the much bigger camp that will take place in Toronto sometime next year so keep your heads up and your ears open for any updates.


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