SFT Canada disrupts talk by Chinese Ambassador

Bombardier and the Chinese government embarrassed again!

Today at approximately 12:30pm EST, Jessica Spanton (SFT Concordia and member of SFT Canada’s Board of Directors) disrupted a luncheon featuring China’s Ambassador to Canada, Lu Shumin. The luncheon, sponsored by Bombardier, focused on fostering Canada-China trade relations. We were to make sure Bombardier and the Chinese government were once again confronted with vocal opposition to the China-Tibet railway and to tell Canadian companies to stay out of Tibet until Tibetans are free to determine their own future.

Jessica waited while the head table was introduced (including 2 Bombardier representatives and the Ambassador) and as the approximately 350 guests turned to start eating their appetizer salads, Jess stood up, held up a Tibetan flag and yelled: “Shame on Bombardier! Shame on China! Canadians have no business in Tibet until Tibetans have their freedom and human rights! Bombardier has no business in Tibet! You may have profits but Tibetans have truth on their side! Shame on Bombardier! Shame on China! The room was dead silent. At this point she was approached by hotel security and escorted out of the room. Our point had been made.

Cost for the Chinese ambassador: Public embarrassment and lose of face.
Cost for Bombardier: Publicly confronted once again for its involvement in the China-Tibet railway – all this negative publicity sure must look bad to the shareholders.



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