BOD Retreat Update #1

So we’re in the SFT Canada HQ office in beautiful British Columbia (that means Kate’s house) and just ate an awesome dinner, allowing the board to meet and greet each other, in many cases for the first time. I got to catch up with Kate (yo, we’re getting old fast) while also finally meeting Kephun, Ayako, Sam, Pema and Mel. Cool folks!
We then followed our great chilli dinner (replete with bread of all sorts) with many jokes, and a viewing of the SFT DVD – a little dose of concentrated inspiration before we get into the nitty gritty of this awesome thing called SFT all day tomorrow. Also tomorrow, in case you didn’t know, we’re having an SFTjam – which means if you’re reading this and are in Vancouver, you should come on by for a drink and chat.
Ok, so now I’m hitting the sack. See you all tomorrow….I’ll try to update again tomorrow.

PS: Our little shindig is at 808 East 28th Avenue in Vancouver. Stop on by anytime after 8 PM


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