The Beijing 3 United

“Five years is way too long…”

It will be five years ago next month since three SFT members travelled to Beijing with Canada’s Trade Mission to protest the de-linking of trade and human rights. Yesterday afternoon was the first time Kate, Freya and Sam had been all together since that amazing trip. There was some reminiscing about their three days in the dragon’s den: how they were detained by Chinese Police, pursued by Chinese and Canadian officials, nearly framed by secret police, and generally paranoid until they were escorted by the Canadian Embassy onto the plane bound for home.

The action was a watershed of publicity for SFT and an impetus for creating SFT Canada.

Since their trip to Beijing, Freya has worked extensively with SFT New York and has now been accepted to Columbia’s Masters program; Kate has finished her degree at UBC and now heads SFT Canada; and Sam disappeared into the Brazilian Amazon and recently returned to Canada to volunteer on the SFT Canada board. The trio also discussed plans and strategies for the upcoming SFT Canada Board retreat that will be held this month in Vancouver. Students for a Free Tibet Canada is now in it’s third year of existence and going strong.

Sam Price, Vancouver


One response to “The Beijing 3 United

  1. Five years on, is it really five years????…but you guys still rock! I hope that all of the crazy canucks are enjoying Santa Barbara.

    I can still remember when I turned on the TV one morning, and the main news item on an otherwise dreadfully boring day was “Canadian students arrested in Beijing”, and my first reaction was, “hey, i know those guys”. It was definetly an amazing thing for SFT to have pulled off, and it garnered several days of national media attention, all while the government would have preferred to talk business instead of Tibet.

    Anyways, that was just my two cents on the matter – being a 16-year old, it was really inspiraional for me at the time. Keep up the great work gang!


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