Bombardier’s Feeling the Heat!

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s global day of action protesting Bombardier’s involvement in building China’s railway in Tibet. If you haven’t already done so, check out – where we’ve received over 200 photos of people from around the world telling Bombardier to get out of Tibet! Over 1500 faxes were sent to Bombardier CEO, Laurent Beaudoin!

Also, click here to see photos and reports from the actions at Bombardier offices worldwide (pic to the right is from the rockin’ demo in Montreal). We’ve received reports from activist in different cities that Bombardier circulated an email instructing employees not take out leaflets or let us onto Bombardier property. However, we still managed to hand out thousands of leaflets to Bombardier employees explaining our campaign and encouraging them to support Tibet.

We also presented petitions and letters to office managers – and in Montreal, a local Tibet SFTer asked to meet personally with Beaudoin! His request was refused, but Bombardier’s learning (the hard way) that the International Tibet Movement is a force that can’t be ignored or silenced with silly rhetoric. Until Bombardier drops the contract, the company will face increased public scrutiny and embarrassment by Tibetans and supporters in Canada and across the globe. If they were scared by yesterday’s day of action, they ain’t seen nothing yet.


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